Department of Interior Architecture




One of the most important goals of contemporary culture and civilization is to create the environment and environment that can enable people to live in physical and psychological satisfaction. It is natural to meet the contemporary needs, wishes and expectations of the people of our age with the opportunities offered by technological developments. In this context, the Department of Interior Architecture was established within the Faculty of Fine Arts in order to provide contemporary and original interior design education in 1991; and it became one of the founding departments of the newly created Faculty of Architecture and Design in August 2012. Curriculums have been created to serve to the purpose that applied, theoretical and theoretical courses complement and support each other. Interior Architecture Project and Furniture Design courses are the courses where different design problems and conceptual projects are analyzed and resolved, and where a multi-faceted discussion environment is created. In the content and teaching of all courses, we pay our special attention to motivate students' individual creativity and participation in the course.