Petitions and Forms (Student)

Petition for Graduation Procedures and Diploma Selection  Download
Course Load Request Petition  Download
Internship Report Work Schedule  Download
Quota Request Petition  Download
Course Withdrawal Petition  Download
Double Major Application Form  Download
Vertical Transfer Course Adaptation Petition  Download
Petition to Work in the Workshop out of Working Hours  Download
Petition for Error of Fact  Download
Petition for Taking Courses Outside the Institution  Download
Petition for Voluntarily Deregistration  Download
Petition for the Application for Internal Horizontal Transfer  Download
Petition to Freeze Registration  Download
Student ID Card Request Petition  Download
Petition for Make-up Exam  Download
Petition for Removal of Work  Download
Petition to Take Another Course instead of the Previous One  Download
Inter-institutional Horizontal Transfer Application Petition  Download
Minor Application Form  Download
Request Petition to Take Courses from Outside the Institution for Summer School  Download
Horizontal Transfer Application Form with ESTU cps(central placement score)  Download