Textile and Fashion Design



Fashion and Textile Design Department, which started education and training within Industrial Arts School in 2001-2002 Academic Year, joined the Faculty of Architecture and Design with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 14.11.2011 and numbered 2011/2471.
Duration of Education
It includes 1 year of optional English Prep-School and 4 years of undergraduate education.
The courses in the curriculum are divided into 4 groups as basic, complementary, vocational elective and elective courses. In the practice-oriented courses that start in the second year, students find the opportunity to produce their designs and they improve themselves with the studies for sector.
In addition, with the computer aided design education starting from the second year in the advanced computer laboratories, students have the opportunity to realize their designs in the computer environment. With vocational elective courses that are determined and updated according to fashion design business lines, students are provided with the opportunity to specialize in the branches they want. In order to gain experience in business life, our students do internships at ready-made clothing companies and fashion design studios at the end of their second and third year.
Workshop and Laboratories
Our department has the most advanced textile and ready-made clothing workshops among the Fashion and Textile Design Departments in Turkey. There are 2 stitching workshops, 1 textile workshop, 1 dye printing workshop, 1 ironing workshop and 1 laying-cutting workshop in our department. Our computer lab is equipped with the most advanced computers. Our university library offers access to a wide range of printed and online periodicals and non-periodicals.
Graduation and Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department receive the title of 'fashion designer'. Our graduates can work as freelance designers, as well as working as designers in the fashion and ready-made clothing industry, design studios, public and private institutions related to the performing arts, cinema and television sectors, and many more.
Our department cares about carrying out various studies in cooperation with the private sector, public institutions and organizations and other universities. Our department has carried out design studies with various companies such as Sarar Clothing Textile Company, Collezione-Akyiğit Retailing Company, Erol Handbag Industry Limited Company. In addition, our students have successfully designed special clothes and uniforms for the employees of Eskişehir Private Ümit Hospital and Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality, and for the students of Eskişehir Atayurt College. As a result of the collaboration between our students and the bridal gown companies affiliated with the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, many bridal gown models were designed.
A large number of research projects supported by institutions such as the Ministry of Industry (SANTEZ), STRCT and BOREN are carried out by the academicians of the department.